October 1, 2014


The Sullied’s influences

The Sullied uses a multitude of textures, styles and experience to create a unique alternative rock sound, drawing from such influences as Radiohead, Bela Bartok,Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails, Jimi Hendrix and Igor Stravinsky, The Sullied creates powerful melodic songs with haunting strings, rocking guitars, odd meter grooves and strife laden lyrics.


Jimi Hendrix Tribute “Fly On”

On this second CD I wanted to pay tribute to the most influential musician and artist in my life, Jimi Hendrix. It was all the crazy sounds on “Electric Ladyland” that compelled me to go in to music. That record blew my mind, creating vivid textures and colors swirling around in my head.

Orchestra Rock, Alternative Rock music

Listen To Music by The Sullied

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Save My Love Lyrics by The Sullied

Lots of Lyrics

I have posted all the lyrics from the New CD as well as The Sullied’s debut CD Meltdown.

The Sullied Movie

New Video from The Sullied

New video from The Sullied with abstract video and audio clips from the new CD.  Sign up and get two free downloads.

The Sullied new Album

Limited availability of The Sullied CD.

Only a limited number of The Sullied’s new CD are being made. You can only buy them on this site and only if you are a Friend of The Sullied.
The New CD will be available January 5th 2012. It will be available only to Friends of The Sullied and Only while supplies last. So sign up now!