November 29, 2015

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The Sullied’s new video and audio clips from the new CD.

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On this second CD I wanted to pay tribute to the most influential musician and artist in my life, Jimi Hendrix. It was all the crazy sounds on “Electric Ladyland” Jimi-Hendrix-tributethat compelled me to go in to music. That record blew my mind, creating vivid textures and colors swirling around in my head.

For the 4th track of the new album I wrote a guitar based song in the style of a couple classic Hendrix Ballads. I ran the foundation guitar through a Leslie Cabinet and added some tremolo style rhythm guitar tracks behind it for the solo out. I added a lot of panning to the solo guitar to create that classic Jimi sound I love.

Note: If you are listening to this on your computer, you will want to use headphones to get the full panning effect.

Hope you enjoy it. Sully

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